The Programme

Lund University’s B.Sc. in Development Studies examines the world by combining the perspectives of economic history, human geography,  political science and sociology. The result is a programme that critically evaluates the present state of humanity, the complexity of its causes, and the potential for its future. Founded in 2008, the BIDS programme is one of the few fully English taught bachelor’s programs at Lund University and is already in the top 50 of its kind in the world. To learn more about the programme you can visit its official page.

The Alumni Association

Whether you’re a future or current student or you’re already putting your degree to work, the BIDS Alumni Network exists to create and maintain relationships between all years of our program. By uniting BIDSters we hope to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience both academically and in practice.

For Former BIDSters

The BIDS Alumni webpage offers an opportunity to connect with other alumni through Alumni Connect, and to keep to date with personal experiences related to the BIDS Programme.  For a quick overview of the BIDS graduates, take a look at the map!

For Current BIDSters

The BIDS Alumni webpage can be used as a platform to get inspiration and motivation for field studies, exchange studies, internships and future career. To learn more, check out the Alumni Spotlight.

If you have questions, comments or just feel like reaching out, we’d love to hear from you!


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In cooperation with BIDS Administration the Alumni Network was established in 2014 by a group of eight students from all three years of the programme.