Alumni Spotlight #7 Camilo Tellez



Camilo is a BIDS graduate from 2013. He did not take it slow as he continued directly to a master in Welfare Policies and Management in Lund. It was especially his interests in politics and cinema that led him to BIDS but he also see his background as an important factor, as he says that “growing up in Colombia made poverty both a visible and invisible phenomenon, which was later reshaped by my exposure to different Social models in both Sweden and France” where he studied French Culture and French Literature at the Sorbonne.


During his years in BIDS, he chose to major in Sociology. He is very happy about that decision and believes that “the course of social policy and migration has greatly shaped my view on the world and how to approach poverty related policies”. In the third year, he went on a MFS to Colombia. He did not get to go on an internship, which he regrets today. “At the moment I thought that internships could wait but now I see how valuable they are from the experience perspective and also from the future employer one.”

Looking back on BIDS, Camilo emphasizes the critical perspective that the programme has as a valuable asset that he still applies in his studies. “My master is highly ethnocentric which has been a matter of criticism from my part and other fellow BIDSters towards the program.” Camilo also offers some advice for future BIDS graduates. “Study economics, we like it or not it is a crucial element in understanding poverty. Also it would be an important asset in your future career prospects.”

His master program is soon finished, so Camilo is currently applying for jobs, while writing for the UPF Webzine where he also draws on his BIDS experiences. In relation to the Alumni Network, he hopes that it can give an overview of what people are doing in their post-BIDS life.

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