Get the best of starts to your academic years with the BIDS Nollning experience!

For those of you who have never encountered the concept of a “nollning” before, oh boy you are missing out! Translated to english, “nollning” means “zero-ing”, and is something that swedish students in both high schools and universities love to engage in to welcome the new students. You can join the nollning at the beginning of your first semester in BIDS.

Although most “nollnings” vary in length and activities, it usually contains student dinners aka Sittnings, themed parties and games. The purpose of it is to have fun, connect with your new classmates and have a logic excuse to why you might walk around town at noon on a normal tuesday dressed in a funny costume.

The BIDS-nollning is planned by the Nollning Committee comprised of the programmes 2nd years. Their goal is to make the “nollning-experience” the best as possible for the new 1st years. Previously, the BIDS-nollning has lasted for 2-3 weeks and included activities such as: scavanger hunts, several “sittnings”, corridor parties, a camping week-end, different games, a beach-day and lots more. The top priority is that all students participate on their own terms and preferences while feeling equally included and welcomed. Everyone is welcome to join the Nollning Committee and thus perpetuate the traditions for the years to come!

Check out the previous years’ nollnings: