Welcome to BIDS!

Have you ever wondered what development is about and what it even means?

How come some countries are underdeveloped, and what does “developed” even mean?

Why is it that some countries seem “trapped” in poverty, corruption and violence?

If you are particularly interested in these questions, then continue reading because here you will find information about the BIDS programme and the opportunities it offers.

Lund University’s B.Sc. in Development Studies examines the world by combining the perspectives of economic history, human geography,  political science and sociology. The result is a programme that critically evaluates the present state of humanity, the complexity of its causes, and the potential for its future. Founded in 2008, the BIDS programme is one of the few fully English taught bachelor’s programs at Lund University and is already in the top 50 of its kind in the world. To learn more about the programme you can visit its official page or the interview of its founding fathers.

For more detailed informations about the programme, check out these links:


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