Alumni Spotlight #4 YeoJoo Park


YeoJoo Park graduated from BIDS in 2014 with a major Political Science and has worked with Oxfam extensively before, during, and after her time in BIDS. Her advice, “…make as many acquaintances as possible and value the relationships. You never know how you will be connected again with the people you have met during the university years.”

About YeoJoo

YeoJoo is originally from South Korea, to where she also finally returned after studying her Bachelor in Development Studies in Lund and spending a few years abroad in other countries such as Germany and the United States. After her graduation in 2014 she is now planning to gain some work experience in her home country.

The BIDS programme

Specification within the BIDS-programme

I majored in Political Science and I did not go on to an exchange programme. Instead, I decided to focus on my studies in Sweden. The second term of the year 2 was more flexible when it comes to choosing which courses to take and it allowed me to explore some of very interesting courses, perhaps not necessarily development related, such as the ‘Swedish politics’ course, which I enjoyed a lot. During the three years in Lund, I also got actively engaged in a number of student activities. I worked as a förman in Kristianstad nation and also worked for the university external relations department as a student activity coordinator for about two years.

Other development related activities

I have participated in Model United Nations in The Hague before and I have been volunteering for Oxfam every summer vacation during my high school years. At present, I am occasionally volunteering for Oxfam Korea.

Life after BIDS

After BIDS I took some time off to travel, and after that I came back to Korea, where I hope to start my career soon.

BIDS-related future plans

My plan at the moment is to go on to my postponed internship with ‘Girl Rising’ in New York, a global campaign for girls’ education, later this year and hopefully by the beginning of next year, I will be working for KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), which is equivalent to SIDA of Sweden.

Advice to fellow BIDS students

Tips for future BIDS-graduates

If I am to give any advice to the future fellow BIDSters, it would be to make as many acquaintances as possible and value the relationships. You never know how you will be connected again with the people you have met during the university years. Often, it is those who will give out helpful information for your future career. Also, I would like to recommend the future BIDSters to actively engage with the university activities whether they are related to development studies or not. I think the experiences you had during the university years will teach you a lot and will benefit you when you step into the society for a professional career.

Regarding the BIDS Alumni page

I realise that after the study years are over and when everyone moves on to the next stage of their lives, it is very difficult to keep in touch with most of the classmates except for a small number of people, which is very sad I think. Through the Alumni BIDS page, I hope that we can all keep updated with what the other fellow BIDSters are doing, where they are in the world, sharing international development issues, campaigns, projects happening all around the world. I expect the page to become a mechanism to communicate for all the BIDSters wherever we may be!

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