Year #1

Welcome to the 1st year of BIDS!

Whether this is your first university-course or program, your first time in Lund or even in Sweden for that matter, an exciting time awaits you. The first year of the BIDS program consists of introductory courses spanning across all its four disciplines; economic history, human geography,  political science and sociology. The first year do therefore provide a broad understanding through a multifaceted approach of the global development discourse. In addition will this also give you a hint on which discipline is better suited for you.

The first year of the program is also your opportunity to get to know your classmates. You will most likely be surprised of how many interesting people this program actually attracts. You will probably find that many other students’ past experiences might resemble yours. In order to facilitate your new encounters do the 2nd-years of BIDS organize the “Nollning”. This is a social event lasting for 2/3 weeks in the beginning of the fall semester. The aim of “the BIDS-Nollning” is for you to better get to know your classmates, other BIDS-students and get the best of starts of the BIDS-experience.

Outside of BIDS, the student-life in Lund can offer you a great variety of activities to engage in. This will include all from sports, music, parties and much more but also organizations focusing on topics related to global development.

Also, it is important to know that by the 2nd semester you will get to start the application for exchange studies for the following year.